Robot Sings and Composes Music, with Album to be Released on Spotify

The latest update to the marimba-playing robot developed by Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology has Shimon (robot’s name) composing, playing and singing entirely original songs, with an album (called Into your Mind) scheduled for release via Spotify next month.

A key reason behind the robot’s success – apart from being trained on a dataset of 50,000 lyrics from jazz, prog rock, and hip-hop – is Shimon’s knowledge of semantics. Unlike most of its peers, Shimon can both recognise and develop more general themes – a big step up from simply producing a hodge-podge of words that often appear next to each other in songs.

“Shimon has preferences towards maintaining the same sentiment, or gradually shifting sentiment as well as trying to keep rhymes going between lines,” said one of the robot’s creators Richard Savery. “For Shimon, good lyrics should rhyme, keep some core thematic ideas going, maintain a similar sentiment, and have some similarity to existing lyrics”.