SEAT offer 5 different engine technologies for the new Leon (Video)

You have to make so many decisions when you are buying a brand new car. You need to choose the trim level, most important options, colour and, of course, the engine. Usually there are up to seven engine options. But the new SEAT Leon offers five different engine technologies – not five different engines, but five different technologies.

Although it might look very simple, it is actually not easy to create a new car model, which would work with several different engine options. First of all, of course, you have to develop those engines so that they would work great and would comply with modern emission standards. Then you have to make the car chassis, which would be suitable for all those engine options. And then you have to test each of those options, because different engines present different challenges. Finally, you have to deal with the manufacturing process design and logistics to put everything together.

However, we now live in times when 2-5 engine options are not enough. And the new SEAT Leon is a good example of what manufacturers have to do. It is the first car SEAT ever offered with five different engine technology options.